A downloadable game for Linux

Note: I am not be able to work on this during school.

IGFS is an open source multiplayer space-flight game made with Godot Engine. Explore the galaxy through open space, land in space stations, and play with your friends.

Preview on the web (takes a while to load)

Install instructions

  1. Download the archive for your platform.
  2. Move the archive (called igfs-<your platform>.tar.gz) to the desired location where you want to keep the game.
  3. Extract the archive there.
  4. Then run the executable to start the game!
  5. If you find any bugs, or have and feature requests, please report them on the issue tracker.


    Currently, to join a multiplayer server, you have to edit the settings.cfg file, that sould be in the same directory as the game executable. If it is not there, then create it. Add this to the bottom of the file:
    address="<the ip address of the host>"
    port=<the port number of the host>


Latest - Linux
pre-alpha v0.0.19 - Linux

Development log

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